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Vacuum deposits on dental implants and drills

Vacuum deposition for dental implantology

Vacuum deposits on dental implants and drills

Specialist in the heat treatment of metal parts, Thermi-Lyon created a second activity in 1996 with the application of its advanced technology processes in the medical field: vacuum deposition.
Screws, implants and dental drills are, among others, proposed in this range of products signed THERMI-PLATiN.
Focus on this specialisation in dental implantology


Anti-wear and anti-seize applications 

The Thermi-Lyon group keeps a close eye on market developments and is constantly diversifying in order to meet all the demands of its more than 5,000 customers. This is why the vacuum deposit activity was launched.

Vacuum coating is used to improve the surface properties of the treated materials. These deposits can be obtained in different ways. Thermi-Platin uses three techniques:

  • PVD arc ;
  • PVD magnetron ;
  • PACVD.

The deposition of this very thin coating provides anti-wear or anti-seize properties to the materials. Our PLATiN-MEDI range consists of TiN, ZrN, Pink Titanium and DLC (Diamond Like Carbon).

Various application sectors

This process is used in several sectors, such as :

  • Cutting tools ;
  • Tooling ;
  • Wearing parts ;
  • Medical (such as dental drills or implants) with biocompatible coatings ;
  • Aeronautics and space.

Innovation in the service of medicine

Thermi-Platin processes nearly 700,000 medical devices each year. The advanced technology used by the group makes it possible to improve the mechanical performance of dental implants. The latter are more resistant to wear and tear and reduce the development of dental plaque.
The latest deposit is called Pink-titanium. It’s pink and therefore similar to the colour of the gums. It also has an aesthetic function” explains Bernard Salvi, Marketing Director.
The products processed by the group in the context of this activity are mainly the following :

  • dental forests ;
  • pillars ;
  • micro-screw.

For all these parts, the idea is always to improve the performance of the product, but also the aesthetic side. “We must not forget that it is in the human body, so the system must not be dangerous or invasive. We have developed bio-compatible processes that also improve patient comfort” explains Bernard Salvi.

Several parameters must be controlled to guarantee the effectiveness of this technique, in particular pressure, temperature and gas flow rates.
In terms of the quality organisation in place, the Thermi-Platin factory is ISO 13485 certified and works according to the Qo-Qi-Qp method. “We operate to very high standards, we offer a high quality product. This reassures our customers” concludes Bernard Salvi.

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